3435 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, Virginia 22201
(703) 522-7755 
"These guys know what they're doing. I spent five years in 'Nam during the war, and learned that Vietnamese mechanics can overhaul a Rolex wristwatch with a Crescent wrench. Pham's is no exception. They're honest, too. I took my car, a '98 Avalon that I have babied for a decade, in to find a rumble in the rear end, for which other mechanics had not found a cause. Mr. Pham found it, a broken rear strut. 'Did you have this strut replaced recently?' 'Yes.' 'It's a defective part. We could fix it but you should take it back to the mechanic who installed it and insist that they make it good.' I would have told him to repair it, and paid cheerfully. He earned my trust. The work at Pham's is top quality. He repaired my wife's 10-year-old Neon and she agrees with me. Pham's seems to take particular care with female customers, aware that some garages regard women as easy targets."

W. Pruden
Washington, D.C.

"I am very glad to have found this mechanic. They do the job well for a reasonable price, and never try to swindle you. I hope to continue being a customer for a long time."

CarTalk.com, 2011